moneyManager (initial released 17 April, 2011) allows controlling and tracking inflows and outflows, view reports and compare monthly expenditure, protect with a password in a few clicks.


  • Track your income and daily expenses
  • Personalize with your own Accounts, and categories for classification
  • View recent transactions and projected monthly savings
  • Excellent expense, accounts and category reports using sheets and pie charts
  • Customize your own reports
  • YTD, Monthly, Range based reports
  • Reports display only relevant data & ignores unused categories
  • Delete data with much ease
  • Protect your application from unauthorized usage with a secured PIN
  • Receive direct updates news from the publisher on request
  • Backup and restore data
  • Easy month & year - back & ahead navigation
  • Safe and secure
  • Receive live update feeds & news from publisher
  • 140+ currencies support
  • Send feedback to the publisher•Inbuilt on-screen & general help

The data is stored on the mobile device and no personal data is sent to the publisher via this application.


The application is available FREE of cost.



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10 thoughts on “moneyManager

  1. Quite a nice app, but in the monthly view, why cant all the debit and credit that I have entered show?
    From my view, it is good to show all.

    1. Thanks ck!

      When you view through the reports, it will only show you 5 recent transactions. However, when you browse through the option ‘view this month’ it shows all the transactions in the current month. You can then navigate back and forth to previous or next month / year to view transactions during that time.

      Do let me know if you are facing any issues. Hope this helps.

  2. Is there a instruction manual somewhere for Money Manager. It looks like it could be a great program if I knew how to run all the features. Thanks Dan

    1. Hi Dan,

      Manual will be rolled out soon in moneyManager, probably in version 2.3. Also planned is a short online help till the version 2.3 is released in the market. You can write to me for any assistance required till then

      Hope this helps.


  3. Hi I wonder if you are planning on a release in Spanish for Money Manager WP7. If you need any help with translation I would be happy to help you. Hope to hear from you soon. Cesar

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