DLinq (Data – Language Integrated Query) in .Net is one of the new & powerful feature that Microsoft has introduced in .NET 3.5 framework.

Overview of Linq and how it is beneficial for Developers is explained in presentation & the example:
Download the presentation & example [ ZIP, 262 KB ]

Some of the key-benefits of Linq are:

– Unified querying of Objects, Database and XML eases the interaction between XML and databases.
– High performance
– Lesser time to code resulting in faster & improved productivity of developers.
– Ease of switching from Disconnected/Offline mode to Online mode in Smart Client applications.

Most Smart Client applications use XML as datasource in Offline mode & use SQL database in the Online mode. Since only the datasource name changes and other code remains AS-IS, it becomes easier to handle data.

Prerequisite for usage of sample application:
– AdventureWorksDb Database (SQL Server 2005)

Punit Ganshani