Two Moments
by Punit Ganshani
26th August, 2008

Two moments shall be rememebered ever,
One that made us meet,
Other after which, we have to leave.

Two moments shall I cherish forever,
Times we spent together,
And times we waited to see.

Two moments shall I never remember,
Life spent before thee,
And time that went away in sleep.

Two moments have changed our life,
One that added a friend so dear,
Time we share a smile to the tear.

Of many moments in life we see,
I met people many, many did see me,
A tender love is a gift, I received from thee.

The two moments that last short,
Have impressions deep; wish could live them again,
To make your presence felt in me.

I close my eyes to see you fresh,
Smiling as ever, with eyes so deep,
A moment that brings me a reason to be,
A moment that can define, how life should be.

A wonderful life – with thee!