Installation failed with error code: (0x80091007), The hash value is not correct.

Silverlight 3 Tools fails with this error only when there is NO internet connectivity.


Unzip the Silverlight 3 Tools executable to a folder and execute following in the sequence mentioned below:

  • silverlight_sdk.msi
  • VS90SP1-KB967143-enu.msp
  • VS90SP1-KB967144-enu.msp
  • VS_SilverlightTools_Setup.exe

What is not installed?

Silverlight 3 Developer Runtime is still not installed as this is not shipped along with Silverlight 3 Tools executable.

You will not be able to run (execute) the Silverlight Application from Visual Studio 2008.

Work arounds?

Two ways to still execute a Silverlight Application

  • Publish the application on local IIS / folder & execute
  • Execute from Blend 3

What you still sacrifice is – NO debugging experience.