Using moneyManager Pro with its Windows Application is fairly simple if each step is followed appropriately.

Getting Started

Download moneyManager Pro Windows application from here.  Enter your details and click on “Send me the link.”  This process will take sometime, and you will receive the link on your email address with the product download link.

Once you have downloaded the windows application, install it.

Open the application.  Please remember that it will only work correctly if you are the Administrator.

Now, click on About menu, to see something like this

You will see your Machine Name (here PGPC), which you have to enter in your moneyManager Pro application on Windows Phone 7. So write it down somewhere.  If your machine name has any symbols, special characters  or spaces, please change it (My Computer –> Properties –> Change) as your Windows Phone 7 Application would not be able to accept it.

Ensure that Zune is running on the same machine and shows connected to your phone.

Now open your moneyManager Pro application on Windows Phone 7 and

Select “change settings” and then “report settings

Type the Machine Name (for me, PGPC) and click on Test Connectivity.

Great! Now you can save settings and export reports.

Now, go to “all reports“, click on report format “Excel” and click on Next

And your Windows Application would show something like this

Where are my reports saved?

There you go, they are saved at

C:\Program Files\Punit Ganshani\moneyManager Pro (Windows)\Reports

Enjoy the software 🙂