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  • AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Platform – Compute
    In this series, we’re comparing cloud services from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. A full breakdown and comparison of cloud providers and their services are available in this handy poster. This category covers all services that can be used to run applications in the cloud.
  • I wanna go fast: HTTPS’ massive speed advantage
    HTTPS is slow. No – wait – is it HTTP that’s slow?! https://t.co/T49GG7oCaK pic.twitter.com/cfnYOpXMWc In fact, a bunch of the internet was pretty upset. “It’s not fair!”, they cried. “You’re comparing apples and oranges!”, they raged.
  • How timers works in the CLR
    One of the coolest things about the CoreCLR being open sourced is that I can trawl through the source code and read random parts of the framework.
  • Change Management: Sarah model (Venanzio Figliolino)
    Free proactive choice, the ability to break away from habits that are no longer functional to a new changed environment taking new roads and responsible, has four fundamental assumptions: Awareness: recognizing that a behavior, habit or situation are not functional than the current context independ

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