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In today’s edition, there are 10 articles on technology, news, open source, community on the fantastic and ever evolving technology world.

  • Creating a Serverless Backend for Mobile Apps (James Montemagno)
    Azure Functions enable developers to create a serverless, event-driven experience for their data and applications. In our first post on Azure Functions, we saw how to have an Azure Function perform an OCR of an image and insert it into an Azure Mobile table.
  • Building a Node.js RESTful API with Mocha and Chai
    Introduction I still remember the satisfaction of being finally able to write the backend part of a bigger app in node and I am sure many of you do it too. And then? We need to make sure our app behaves the way we expect and one of the strongly suggested methodologies is software testing.
  • Application Architecture and Ransomware (Robert Annett)
    Ransomware is an increasing threat to many organisations – I recently had a conversation with a (non-IT) friend whose employer had been affected, which is why I’m writing this. These are attacks where a system or data are made inaccessible until a ransom is paid.

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