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  • Introducing Docker for Windows Server 2016 (Michael Friis)
    Today, Microsoft is announcing general availability of Windows Server 2016 at the Ignite conference in Atlanta. For Windows developers and IT-pros, the most exciting new Windows feature is containers, and containers on Windows Server 2016 are powered by Docker.
  • Running Powershell on Google Cloud SDK (Mete Atamel)
    It’s exciting to see so many options for .NET developers to manage their cloud resources on Google Cloud Platform. Apart from the usual Google Cloud Console, there’s Cloud Tools for Visual Studio, and the subject of this post: Cloud Tools for PowerShell.
  • How to use Power BI Embedded with AspNetCore
    If you are looking to build an AspNetCore website, and take advantage of Power BI embedded, you’ve probably found that there isn’t any SDK support for basic report rendering (yet). While the underlying PowerBI.Core and PowerBI.Api assemblies work just fine, there is no equivalent to PowerBI.

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