Optimizing performance of your WCF Services

Performance Optimization process starts when you are provided with Non-Functional Requirements such as Availability, Concurrent Users, Scalability and so on.  If you are not provided with NFRs, one tends to ignore them and continues build application using Visual Studio Wizards that generate code recipes.  One tends to ignore them until faced upon a production issue […]

5 quick steps to resolve Android Battery Drain Issues

Applicable to: Some Android Phones (incl some Galaxy variants) This article is for those who are facing battery drain issues with some Android/Galaxy phones, especially, after upgrading to Android 4.3.  I faced this same issue and did a lot of research to find out the right fix.  This requires rooting the phone along with few […]

Why is StringBuilder faster in string concatenations?

Almost every developer who is new to development using C# faces a question as to which one is better – string.Concat, + (plus sign), string.Format or StringBuilder for performing string concatenation.  The most easiest way to find a correct an answer is to Google and get views of many experts.  Few of the hot links […]

Using Directives and Namespace in C#

UsingDirectivesMustBePlacedWithinNamespace is one of the rules of StyleCop and I was trying to figure out why StyleCop recommends having using directives defined within the namespace.  Most of the books and articles (including mine) we have read do not really have using blocks within the namespace.  So is it really a good practice?  If yes, why?  […]

Team Foundation Server : Check-in Policies to ensure traceability

One of the things many teams thrive to achieve is 100% traceable code against Business Requirement Document (BRD) or Requirement Matrix.  With evolution of ALM tools, it has become very easy to create traceability matrices and to be able to view history of code and the rational behind design decisions that were taken at the […]

Team Foundation Server : Build Logging

When you use Team Foundation Server for Build Automation, you can configure build controller and agents.  In the Team Foundation Administration Console, you can view the Logs however these logs provide minimal information.  Even the Event Viewer provides minimal event logging rather than extensive logging.  Now even if these Logs or Event Viewer provide you […]

Upgrading to .NET 4.5.x for Enterprise Applications

Microsoft launched .NET 4.5 in 2012 and later added an upgrade to .NET 4.5.1 in Dec, 2013.  So considering the timelines, there has been over an year that .NET 4.5 has been launched.  It means .NET 4.5.x has been tested thoroughly (by general public/developers), bugs have been identified and fixed and hence should be an […]

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award

Received an award notification email from Microsoft on 1st Jan 2014 – Marks as the perfect beginning of 2014 for me! My MVP profile can be visited at - http://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/mvp/Punit%20Ganshani-5000572 Related Posts:Why is StringBuilder faster in string concatenations?Using Directives and Namespace in C#Upgrading to .NET 4.5.x for Enterprise ApplicationsMethod, Delegate and Event Anti-Patterns in C#Which one […]

Team Foundation Server : Build Automation

This article will focus on achieving build automation using TFS.  However, if you want to understand the architecture, configuration, project creation, product backlog, managing SPRINT and releases etc. you can go through these articles Understanding Architecture Creating TFS Account and Project Creating Product Backlog Managing SPRINT and releases All the examples, referred below, use Team […]

Team Foundation Server : Understanding the Architecture

This article will briefly describe the high-level architecture of Team Foundation Server.  It will help you understand the different tiers in TFS, their responsibilities and firewalls. Heard of TFS as a Service, what is it? TFS as a Service is a cloud-based application life management (ALM) system that integrates source control management, product backlog, build […]