Migrating from SVN to GitHub

For those who are following my posts and my open source work, might have found that I’ve started adopting GitHub for KonfDB and my blog samples. So I thought of moving my open source tools from CodePlex to GitHub so that I can centralize my code. So here I go with what anybody would do […]

Porting a .NET Console App to run on Linux

With .NET 2015, as we know .NET has provided first-class cross-platform support. So if you have a Linux or Mac environment, you could run a ASP.NET website in less than 10 minutes. Of course, you would need to do one-time setup which may take anything between 45-60 minutes. But I am sure we will get […]

Shell Script to setup .NET on Linux

If you are scared by the tedious process of setting up Mono, KVM and KRE on Linux or are not aware of how to get started with it, here is your lifesaver – a single Shell script that can do magic for you.  You don’t need to know anything special to run this.  All you need is […]

Hosting your ASP.NET application on Azure Linux Hosting

Now that ASP.NET 5.0 (vNext) runs on .NET 2015 – a cross platform version of .NET – it is worthwhile hosting your web applications on Linux. So let’s get started Procuring a Linux VM I chose procuring a Linux VM using my Azure Subscription and I quickly spawned a Standard Ubuntu server. Now what you […]

Speaker for C# 6.0 session organized by Microsoft

Welcome and Introductory Meetup Tuesday, December 2, 2014 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM SGT Location:  22CF12, Level 22, Microsoft Singapore, Singapore 018989 One Marina Boulevard, Singapore Organizer: Riza Marhaban, Microsoft Singapore Pte. Ltd. First time meetup and introductory. We also are going to talk about “The Future of .NET”, what is new in .NET, etc. Agenda […]

Launching Microsoft File Transfer Manager manually

Microsoft File Transfer Manager is a wonderful tool to download ISO images and large packages from MSDN. You can suspend downloads when you are on low-bandwidth and resume them later and still be able to download from MSDN without having logging in again.  However, in Windows 8.1 you can’t search for the Microsoft File Transfer […]

KonfDB Ref-Card

KonfDB is a Configuration as a Service for multi-tenant, cross-platform applications.  For more information, please check out www.konfdb.com Related Posts:MVP Summit session on KonfDB

MVP Summit session on KonfDB

I had an opportunity to present my platform KonfDB at Microsoft MVP Summit (2014) and get bunch of good ideas from my fellow MVP friends. Thanks to all of them but it has given me great guidance on some improvements that I should bring in my platform. For those who missed it for any reason, […]

High DPI (HiRes) and Applications

Recently upgraded to Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 for my development and research activities.  With an excellent ultrabook that runs like a beast, you can spend good time writing code and presenting tech-talks. This ultrabook has an excellent resolution 3200×1800 (HiRes /HD+) which sometimes gives strain to eyes, especially when you are working on applications that are […]