Last Time

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This poem symbolizes love of a fictitious character called 'Peterson.' I have created this fictitious to bring a liveliness to emotions, characters and life. May be you may see many poems written by the name 'Peterson' in future as I evolve into this character.

Last time when I met her,
I felt she was mine,
She could open the doors to me,
Even when it was mid night!

She understood me,
And never shouted the way she did,
She made me understand,
The goof ups that I did.

She held my hand tight,
To make me feel comfortable,
And when I sought her shelter,
She was very humble.

She scolded me, hit me hard,
Tears dropped from my heart,
And at the dawn, she made me feel,
Improvements are part of life.

She never said, words so harsh,
Like a mother, she was so great at heart,
A baby runs behind that warmth,
She made me feel, dear at heart.

Last time, I met her,
She smiled at me,
I was important, she made me feel,
But why is this change today?

She looks at me, she cares,
But there is a hard man standing today,
She hits me hard, says harsh words,
But never returns back and says magical words.

I wish she could touch me again,
Her feather touch, could make me happy again,
Where is that confidence, I look for,
The faith, woven, why is it lost?

I wait for her eyes, to speak to me,
They see me, but remain within thee!
I wish things were different,
I would be like she, and she would be different.

I still have those feelings in me,
Hoping to give the best from me,
Why doesn’t she understand, my frustrations if I tear on her,
Why does she cry?

Whom do I have to tell the truth?
After showering frustrations, I bear the fruit,
Who will make me unearthed,
If she understands this, I wont let her be hurt.

Today, I wait for her to turn around,
Smile, Laugh and Cherish the moments spend around,
I have few weeks more to go,
But she will leave me before.

If I had some magical wand,
I would touch her feet and make myself grand,
My heart is crouching to let her sway,
To me, she is, my only way!

Turn around and look who’s there,
Your hubby, is waiting for a sweet hug!

Puneet Ghanshani