My Talk with God

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In dream I met him, in disguise was he

I profoundly asked, 'Who he was?'

'Silence,' he replied,
An eternal silence then spread vast.

'If silence were you', I pondered,

'Where do you live?'

'Thoughts,' he replied,

Thoughts occupied me-mind to body.

'If silence were you', I mused,

'Where are you?'

'Between every heart beat that throbs,' he replied,

My heart intermittently stopped.

'If silence were you,' I questioned

'Where are you spread?'

'Blood drop to the universe vast,' he answered

I saw galaxies route my heart.

'If, were you silence,'

'How did you route in my heart?'

'The way a drop gets in ocean vast,'

I was an atom, who met God at last!

'In silence I am, in thoughts I reside,

In love I dwell, in you I exist,' he cited

His aroma touched my heart

I was an atom, who met God at last!

- Puneet Ghanshani