4 years, the golden gone!

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Today at this hour, when I sit to write this mail, a sudden feeling crosses my heart. There is a feeling of emptiness as I realize it lately that the last day of our college has passed. May be we may not meet that frequently now, or may be we may not meet at all! I recall those moments right from the very first year and memories flashing remind me of days spent with you.
Those days of planning picnic in the first year and then turning it as a flop show; those days of cricket matches; those lectures of MOS; those days when we used to carry big drawing boards; those days of fun and frolic; getting caught while playing with chalks; those days when our ID cards were taken away; days of apology; days of examinations; days of viva's when they find something unusual in my file; days of glass copy; days of teaching my favourite 'C' and many more days with you all in first year...!
The days of experiements in second year; days of organizing with our team of C Divers; those days of bunking lectures and playing games near workshop; those days of sitting in canteen and having vada-pav; those days of late night-outs for last minute exam preparations; those days of viva's where we know nothing but 'I have no idea sir'; those days of youthfest; days of organizing events and many more days of small projects for internal display; days of boring lectures; days of programming; days of copying experiments!!!

Days of orientation as we enter through third year; days of 'take a deep breathe in' and 'relax'; days of Indian Science Congress; days of night-out in Nirma Hostel; days of training in company; days of preparations of CAT (though nothing turned out at the end!); days of chit-chatting in laboratory sessions; days of sleeping in class while the lecture goes on; days of utter excitement (as uni-ranks come through!); days of disappointments; those canteen hot-cakes and cold-flakes; those internet surfing in college and many more such beautiful moments.... And the final year before the last day...!

The year with most fun & frolic in class; attending DCS class; those arguments that hold no importances; that unity that binds us in every challenging task; those days of culfest - mime and group singing; days of hard work for completing project; those ending days of examination; the relief when all got done; those expectations of farewell party and those at the end disappointment...! I dont know but if there's a way to have some roll back of some good moments, it would really keep us binded together; wherever we might be! It appears very harsh to accept the fact very easily that we will now depart away.

A slam book entry would as such mean nothing if we do not remain in touch with each other.

Like I wrote down this blog, you too write down few words today, describing your college life so that we keep remembering the days even when we become the busiest person on this globe. I am indebted to all my friends and my faculty members. Without both of these, learning would not have been possible. Faculty members are the real gems without whom we would not have been capable enough to get paid for what we are today! I thank them for grooming me and preparing me for the corporate world.