Childhood to adulthood: a blink of eye!

1 minute read

I boarded "Gujarat Express" today morning to move towards DDIT, Nadiad to deliver an expert lecture to the final year engineering students; students, who were just one year younger to me!

Life had changed, I realized. I was a part of the student community some months before and now things have changed entirely. I, still, do not believe that time changes so quickly that we hardly realize when we grew up so old. It was just few years ago when I used to play from morning to night without any tensions, without any plans for the day. There were times when I used to be on my toes to watch the next movie on the theatre screen. Those were times when my friends and I used to go for long drive. Times golden have past by and times tough and competitive have casted their shadows!

I am no more that same child now. Some years down the lane I might be travelling in my own car and would not have time to look beyond the window. I stand out right now to see the squirrels, the lizards and the fly that jumps from one leaf to the other. Will I be having some time in near future, when I shall have such minute observations?

It is not too late today to realize that what we always dream of, may not always be true. Today or tomorrow, we all may be woven in the knots of our duties and we may not have time to enjoy. Pay some time to think, what I am, what I thought I could be, what is important and what could change my life as I wish, it could be!

One blink of eye can change the world!