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Its time when I realize that I have to leave this abode and prepare myself for the professional journey to the corporate world. As I have written in one of the previous posts that Childhood to Adulthood was a transition occured with a blink of eye, I say it once again that not many days are left before I would be a team of intellectual people all around.I shall join Cognizant on 15th September, 2006 and a new adventure would start thereby. I shall miss those days with my parents; those outings with my relatives; those gatherings among our friends will remain in as the golden gone. The food that my mom serves me till this date shall be greatly missed; the frequency of the friendly discussions with my dad that involved high maturity would decrease. The fun I did in past few days with my beloved sister shall be missed too much! I know that she would be the one who would miss me more than any one would; though she sometimes in frolic negates this thought.

Some of my friends have already left and they too have gone through same feelings. One of them went in Army to shape his future; other two went in another esteemed IT company: TCS; one of them will remain back alone here and one good friend will accompany me in Cognizant. I wonder how much fun could there be in Cognizant!

I am missing those days with my faculty members. Those nights spent during ISC; the day-night struggle during MODBUS project; the C Divers enthusiasm in our blood; the cricket matches with my brothers and sisters; the late night carrom with my cousins; the Uttrayan with my relatives and peers; the lonely Navratri I have always have had, hoping to have some one to teach and accompany me and many such days.

I want to leave behind memories golden so that people remember me for what I am. I am not any big person with too much to claim. But yes, I hope I have been helpful to one and all. I shall remember one and all, who have influenced my life but somehow the feeling of departing is urging me to spend a day or talk to people here in my own city, Ahmedabad!

Don't you think, every 5 years, you are making new friends and forgetting the older ones? How much do we call each other? Are we so independent or we are so very freedom oriented that we tend to forget whom we would not require any more? Think....