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John was small when his father left for the heavenly abode and he was brought up by his mother. He used to spend day in and day out with behind caring for his mother. With God's grace, he sought success in whichever profile he touched but till the end, he used to take advise from his mother on every small issue concerning life. And not a single decision taken, proved to be wrong! Amazing but the truth is that his mother was an illiterate and he was formally educated. Still he used to respect his mother's decisions and have blind faith on them. He was successful. What was it? A coincidence or the boundless faith that moved the mountains?

In India, we pray carved stones that we consider God and we often see miracles happen in our life. I am inspired to write this blog by one of friend's mother who recently saw such miracle happen at her home. One of her relatives was suffering from Blood Cancer- a disease uncurable, a disease that could prove lethal. Doctors could not cure the same and lost the hopes of curing the young lady. The family was in utter disappointments and there was this boy- my friend who's sheer faith in God made her drive out of this disease. Some days later, she was as fine as she was before the disease carved its signature in the body.

Yes, I am talking of the faith in God! We humans consider ourselves to powerful and try to achieve everything on our own. For this, we put in lots of efforts - some go waste, while some are fruitful. And later we bear the consequences of the efforts put in. If we fail to achieve our preset targets, we blame God that he did not help me and if we succeed in reaching to the summit, we praise ourselves for what we did. Isn't this politics?

90% of the general mass has the same attitude and the rest 10% are those who believe that God is the supreme authority behind every success and failure. Believing in God doesn't mean to agree to the fact that God is there. To agree or to disagree will not change the existence of God. Believing in God means to assert oneself that I am a part of God and God shall be with me forever. In tough times, he shall give me patience and my faith in him shall increase even then.

In the good times, he shall dance with me. In times tough we should practice leaving everything on God; however intense the matter may be.

We sing a shabhd from Gurbani,

Jiske Sir Upar Tu Mera Swami, So Dukh Kaisa Paave...

(One who has your blessings will never face any problems!)


If we closely look into this shabhd, the God himself has said that if you leave anything entirely on me, I shall help you out. Krishna himself said to Arjuna that one who will have entire faith in me and will come in my abode, shall be definately helped by me. Nothing remains unsaid if one realizes that God is with him.

I have many experiences when God has himself helped me. The toughest things have also become the easiest. Once I put the matter in front of God, I realize that my problem shall be solved sooner and then I do not ponder whether the matter has been solved or is pending. If it is pending, the right time to consider the matter has not yet arrived.

God fulfills each and every wish of his child but the child has to bear the consequences of the wish. The time when his wish is fulfilled is again decided by God and is again one of the best possible time. The faith in God that the wish will be fulfilled will help you see the wish getting the proper shape.

A faith can move mountains! If you have any such experience, please feel free to write them down in Comments!