Only Time

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Only Time
-- Puneet Ghanshani (18 October, 2006)

I sit on the rocks and observe the waterfall,
The more the water climbs up the hill,
The greater is its fall
The sound is intense, the grief is steep,
Like a feather does a stone get swept.

I sit on the rocks and hear those sounds,
The clouds ring and their merciless wounds,
Away from city, does this peacock sing,
Hoping others would wake up,
But no one listens to the clock.

Often in life we fall in such strucks,
When we steadily climb up the stairs,
No one remains with us,
And in times such, of loneliness,
We feel as if world got lost.

So in times when we are together,
Sing with the times, laugh to the tunes,
For fate shall make us reach to top,
Where fame, but no one else lasts
Forget the past and enjoy the time- yet not past!