Beauty in the ‘incomplete’

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Beauty in the ‘incomplete'
by Puneet Ghanshani (aka ‘Peterson')

Things - complete - are not as beautiful as the incomplete ones. My attempt to understand this on one of my paintings has taken a form of a poetry...

I saw it incomplete,
Stunned was I,
It stood beautifully,
Mountains touched the sky,
Birds chirped on bark of trees,
Rivers sung in the beautiful night.

I saw it today - complete,
Stunned was I,
It appeared gloomy,
The mountains appeared shy,
Birds ate the fruits on trees,
The river appeared dry.

Beauty lies within,
In pancreas, and kidney - does it lie?
I was throttled at the finest piece of art,
That echoed loud, but had none.
And in cry of every incomplete piece,
God had his own fun!

Published in The Journal of The Poetry Society of India