The awesome ‘Taare Zameen Par’

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If you haven’t seen the latest Hindi movie - ‘Taare Zameen Par’, I guess there is still a pending task in your TO-DO list. Don’t ask me why!The movie brings in a perfect notion of what is required in our life. It raises various questions - Why do we face such a huge competition? Why, in life, we want to be just as our neighbours/friends are? Why don’t we find our USP and work on it? Why do teachers & some parents force their kids to be Engineers/Doctors/Managers, when they could actually become something different & still successful?The questions is not for you & me - it is addressing everyone. Thousands of people appear for the entrance examination of IIT and only a few make it through. Does this mean, ones that do not make it through are failures? Obviously, not. Of the thousands who appear, few appear by their interests, few look at the opportunities post Bachelors and most others appear because their good old friend or their parents forced them to appear.Be an artist, be a guitarist! Be different - do what you are good at; rather than following the crowd.