Jeetega Gujarat :)

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This reminds me of a famous Latin slogan ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ (translates to I came, I saw, I conquered)

Congratulations, Narendra Modi!

It brings immense pleasure to people of Gujarat to see their ‘icon’ win once again for the benefit of Gujarat with almost 2/3rd of majority [117/182 votes]. A state that has prospered unanimously in all aspects: IT industry, Education, Rural Development and what not… This also brings Gujarat into a category where Congress has not been in power since 11 years (others being WB, UP, TN and Bihar)!

This time, the weekly-magazine Outlook (December, 24) too acknowledges the growth in Gujarat. And there’s one man, who has fought religiously to highlight ‘Gujarat’ in the world map. Despite of several critcism from Media (including Tehlka), Modi marched his way demolishing the ‘Hate Modi Campaign’ to win over Gujarat Elections. The result of Gujarat Elections was not something new - it was a notion within people of Gujarat that the Modi should continue his tireless efforts in benefit of Gujarat.

As a resident of Gujarat, I have observed great change in its structure - new roads, flyovers, malls, gas-pipelines, electricity in rural areas and roads in villages. The dry Sabarmati river is now listening to the ghush of waves and tides.

What has led to change Gujarat drastically? Or what is the Modi mantra? Well, probably I am not the correct person to do justice - but let me give it a try.

It’s his dedication, a little of dictatorship, 24×7 service, vision and support from his seniors (Advani & Jaitley) at the center. What desires will a man, who lives alone have? Should we not appreciate his growth & ideologies? He wakes up with Yoga and News on Internet & sleeps with work! No opposition can withstand his resonating power. Today, India needs such a leader who can make difference. India Shining, India Rising, India Developing are all possible with such a leader.

Give him any state and I am sure with Narendra Modi in place, the slogan will change ‘Jeetega XYZ’, because he works like a Common Man, for a Common Man and with Comman Man.