Aapae Ranjhan Hoe

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I love reading literature - specially the Sindhi and the Punjabi literature. Both these literatures are full of learnings and practical values of our life. I came through one of the very famous folk-tales of Punjab : Heer-Ranjha.

Mahee, mahee kookdee, maiy aapay ranjhan hoee
Ranjhan ranjhan sab koee, heer na aakhoo koee

I am not sure about the exact story of the two lovers: Heer and Ranjhan - but have heard this couplet a hundred times. Unlike others, I would not compare Heer-Ranjhan with Romeo-Juliet. Because in Heer-Ranjhan story, I find their surrender to each other.

My beloved, My beloved I call out incessantly, that I myself became Ranjha
Ranjha, Ranjha call me just that, No one dare call me Heer

Heer gets so much devoted to Ranjhan, that she finds him in herself. By uttering Ranjha-Ranjha, Heer has lost her own identity and she pleads people not to call her as Heer. Now, Heer and Ranjhan are not seperate identities - the two souls are now ONE.This is true love.

This reminds of one more such couplet:

Mera Mujhme kuch nahi, Jo kuch hai so tera,
Tera tujhko saupn-dun, To kya laage hai mera.

Sant Kabira is so humble to surrender whatever he possesses to his Lord. He considers, whatever he has received as blessing from God. He believes that if he returns back whatever he today possesses, he will not have a single thing to count as his own!Such is the love of Sant Kabira...