Day out with friends :)

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Today was one of the most enjoyable day after a long time. My friends circle had left for their future studies and since then - there was no big outing. But this outing was a promising one -infact this one was longer than ever before.

We went to Mumbai today. Sunday morning, and yet on our toes at 6:30 AM to catch the first bus from Pune to Mumbai. We went partying to attend one of colleagues marriage. Wonderful! Its not just the marriage that we enjoyed, or the food served there. It is the sweet memories and jokes that came along the entire way.

Four friends: Jyoti, Kulbir, Diptesh and I boarded the bus early morning without eating anything. Empty stomach! The bus was almost vacant, so we had good time talking about work, life before marriage vs life after (ofcourse, this had to be the hottest topic, atleast today ;) ) We all agreed that its real fun being bachelor than to being committed.

2 hours and we reached the venue - almost half an hour before the marriage rituals were to start. Had breakfast! What was most enjoyable was to learn the Marathi culture and observe their rituals. These were totally different from the Sindhi, Punjabi and Gujarati (SPG) rituals. The bride and the bridegroom were busy for four hours infront of the holy fire. The Pandit (aka priest) cited some slokas. And unlike SPG rituals, there was less of dramatics and fashion! The marriage was sweet and short - in other words, purely religious.

After lunch, we had an opportunity to meet the couple on the stage - the reception. Unlike SPG, this was pretty late! Nevertheless, each culture has its own values. Few photo-shoots in this pose, in that pose - reminded me of my uncle's marriage.

When we were about to leave, we saw a girl with a 3-tier 'Choti.' The word '3-tier' is something that we use very often in web-designing. The most amazing was how she managed to have 3 divisons in her hair style. Had a glass of juice - grapes juice, for a change and boarded the bus (which was as usual, late by an hour :( )

The bus driver started a movie 'Dhamaal' - one of the comedy hindi movies. The ONIDA television could not deliver good results - probably because of improper wiring and finally the television was switched off. Off we went for another one hour, when...

When suddenly the bus broke down. The tires lay flat and we were back to road. 40 people of bus started searching for a lift on National Highway. After 30 minutes, we managed to get a bus of the same operator. Thank God! We had a safe journey thereafter. Played Table Tennis for an hour with Jyoti - won some games, lost a few. And then came this post...