Human Resource.

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An attempt to salute the Human Resource team of an organization - a link between the top management and the employees. The team that cares so much for their employees and gets them talent at the right time, so that organization grows.

Something worth appreciating is that they handle many queries each day without a gift of 'little thanks' and yet they smile and enjoy work! And believe me, they form a special group of people, who are inclined to build relationships. Codes may falter, but relationships long last.

This poetry is written in the 'First Person' (grammar rules : )

We deal with identities,
With smile do we sleep,
We talk like humans do,
An endless support, we adhere to.

Talk of us, as human-robots,
Relationships - are what we do,
Bug us at any time of day,
'How may I help you?', we get back to you.

We get you the army,
Help you with your problems,
Bring a smile to your family,
All this - with no 'Thank you.'