Albert Einstein - an inspiration!

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1955. The year 1955 was one of the gloomiest years of the history of science.

Albert Einstein, a person, who is believed to have used the maximum amount of his brain died, died at an age of 76 in the year 1955. As my second best idol (next to my dad), I find him one of the very few intellects in the world who questioned existence of every minute thing. And that is how he believed science existed. Well, you may have your own views – no offences to them as well. Einstein spoke not just on the theory of relativity, or some Greek or Latin language of Physics but he also spoke on various subjects like Politics, Fourth World War, Love, Philosophy and Life.

Einstein did not just contribute when he lived – he also contributed after his death.

Confused? Yes, Einstein is one such person, who allowed conducting research on his brain after his death (autopsy). Thomas Harvey, a pathologist, preserved his brains and made some samples. He did not find any variations in the brain, except for a few that laid within the range of human variations. This theory sustained wide acceptance till 1999 (44 years!) until Sandra F. Witelson and colleagues discovered something unusual in his brain.
Einstein’s brain was same as others except in one particular area – the area responsible for Mathematical & Space thoughts. His brain was 15% wider than brains of other human beings. Uniquely, Einstein’s brain also lacked a groove that ran through this area.
Some researches claim that its absence may have allowed the neurons to communicate faster – hence think faster than the normal brain does!

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”

Einstein was a true philosopher.

He wrote not just on Science. He also wrote on War. He believed that the IVth World War will be fought with stones & sticks. Education, to him, was something one forgot after one has forgotten everything he has learnt in school. This thought matches with one of the famous T-shirt one-liner: I was born intelligent, but Education ruined me! ;)

“When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.”

The above statement expresses a belief that Einstein, though being a scientist, believed in God. I do not know how this man managed to be an expert in so many subjects. Talk of space, universe, physics, chemistry of people and what not! His speeches were worth applause! Is there any subject where he has not put light upon?

Indeed, Albert is an source of inspiration – to grow ahead, think differently and yet succeed.

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