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Transition 08

What a beautiful day that was! 22nd February, 2008. For me, the day started at 6:00 AM in the morning and ended at 3:30 AM. One of the longest day, for me, in the entire year.

Posters, brochures, flex, trophies, shields, certificates... uf! Lot many things to remember in my small brain. Yes, we were on the top of the roof for transITion 08 - a national-level event organized by our company.

What was most beautiful thing about the entire event was the way it was executed. Hats off to our mentor, Sreejith! And not to forget, few friends of mine with whom we built some building blocks of event and set the expectations high from the rest of the team. We were intially 20, became 30 by the end of the month and were 50 on 23rd February, 2008 - unlike the conventional resource management in any SDLC. Now, let me take you through few names that actually made up the show on 23rd February, 2008.

Mukesh and Uday. Mukesh was a loner in the Transport, Accomodation Committee for around one month before he was given 3 more people to manage transport. Uday... Ooooh! He looked like a cool dude with his googles! Transport is indeed a tough job, a job that needs patience as well. I, perhaps, would have never been able to do that so efficiently. Hats off to both of them. :)

Manasi, and Chintan/Chetas. Few people are ready to do any work at any point of time. They are amongst few such people. They were the SPOC for content preparation & management. It is wrong to say that they wrote all the material for brochures & posters; but it is right to say that they were the people, who got in sync with the Design team, the printer and ensured that everything is delivered on time. People confuse with Chintan & Chetas - they work so closely and distribute work so efficiently, that we don't come to know - who did it?

'Co'. This was the only new event compared to last year transITion. Earlier, I, as an event coordinator, was not confident about the execution of this event. But with time, the Co-Team made me feel relaxed. I am amazed at the speed of the execution and proper distribution of time. The increase in the team size from 20 --> 50 is because of 'Co' event, but I believe it was just! And yes, this team (specially Mayur, Rachana, Kinjal, Manasi and Abhishek) was one of the core involvers in the event.

Sanker. A man, who was wrongly-named as DEB (i.e. Data Entry Boy). He should have been known as 'Logistics-Man.' He required just a PC, a phone and a printer. From morning 9 AM to 6 PM for one month, he coordinated with every participant institution to make sure that the Head Count is perfect.

Mayur, Rachana, Abhishek, Kinjal, Abuzer. The Famous five of transITion! People behind internal information collection, collaboration, invitation letters drafting, event scripting... awesome work!

Jyoti. The new man, who joined much late - but the man who took charge of keeping the audience busy with lot many activities. Games, stalls, mimicry and all such stuff to bring a glitter on the face of audience.

Prashant, Soniya. Two rounds of applause for the Masters of Ceremony (aka hosts), who did a wonderful job with both script & stage. Not forgetting the dedication of Saryu, who blessed them with her time.

A team effort that paid at the end of the day, is what I can say. The enthusiastic coordinators with their teams did a great job. And I believe, this transITion was better than the previous year. Hope this team lives by the rising expectations of the next transITion and make a huge success once again.