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Change is the only constant in this world!

Who said these words, when and why are all questions that matter not as much as its significance. The quote emphasizes on the principle that underlines growth in world - change! If things do not change, it is not growing. If people do not change, they fail in life. But an equally important thing is - the direction of change. Whether change brings with it anything in positive or negative, is an idea to be thought about. Change should trigger value addition to existing systems, customs, people and the matter world is perceived.

Change! Yes, change is the new mantra of this website. We have matured from a static website to much dynamic one using Content Management System. This means that you can now expect things to change faster, with lesser stale information and frequent posts on the forum. The idea behind the change is to offer more to our visitors, to people who believe in us.

We are fortunate to have great response from the web-viewers and that has triggered a new system in its place. Hope you appreciate this change.

If you have your views over this change, appreciate it or criticize it, please feel free to stamp the Testimonial Section in this site.

- Puneet