Faith - II

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First post: /2006/09/12/faith/

Ever observed a flower grow? It blooms as a tender bud and with time, it matures itself. Its petals, that at first are close life a cocoon, open up with the rays of sun. And as this transition occurs, the flower starts spreading fragrance all around. People gift this flower to their closed ones, enjoy fragrance, and preserve it for few days until the flower loses its beauty.

One fine day, people then throw the same flower (for which they might have also paid), just because the flower has dried up - lost its charm. When it mixes with the earth, it loses its existence. And tomorrow in some other garden, you see one more such beautiful bud.

The flower does not contain any wishes of its own, yet it sacrifices itself for someone's love. Such should be a man. Just as a flower keeps no wishes of its own and surrenders itself to the destiny (as decided by its master), we should also surrender ourself to the divine. Surrender is the only tool that can help us energize us with his blessings and can sail us through the storms.

As the flower mixes with the earth(soil), our body will get burried inside the earth and our soul shall meet the divine. But this is only possible if we let go the 'I' - our ego. As a human, we are tied to materialistic things - which do no benefit to us. They rather keep us engaged in themselves, making us forget the sole way to success: 'Surrender'

If we keep faith in Almighty, he will himself make sure that we stay good, eat good and live happily. But once, we wish to customize the way we want to stay, eat or live, he shall set us free from himself and his grace.

With faith (in him), surrender!