Why Vista?

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Why Vista!

Virus Protection

Windows Defender ships in free of cost with Vista, allowing you to protect your PC from virus and malicious code. You can update it over the Internet.With

BitLocker, contents can only be opened by the owner who has an encrypted startup key(128-bit), which can be stored in a USB key.

Firewall prevents accessing specific ports/ applications.

Desktop Search

This works as a background service and indexes files on your computer. You can search program files, installed applications, music tracks and presentations by just typing your text in the search bar.

Backup & Restore (using Images)

Backup of entire PC can be taken on an external drive in format of images. These images can be later restored (if the PC crashes)


Memory Booster Functionality in Vista allows the user to convert his USB drive to RAM. The RAM in the pen drive is not as fast as the main RAM in the PC, but faster than the hard drive. It may be used in Vista if your RAM is not adequate. It is a trade off, a sort of compromise. Better option is to have more RAM and use this option in a transition period, when you may decide to purchase or not to purchase more RAM.Process to enable this:
1. Right Click on my computer
2. Properties
3. Advance
4. Advance
5. Change
6. Customize
7. If your RAM is 512 MB, enter intial size as 756 MB and maximun size as 1512 MB
8. Approximate this as per your RAM


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Enhanced Networking

No need to rely on external tools for Network Analysis. Vista provides lots of features for N/W Diagnosis.

Better UI (Windows Aero utility)

UI becomes fancier with Aero Utility. You can view currently opened windows with 2D/3D experience. Their thumbnails appear just near the taskbar. The Programs Menu does not keep on extending as you go deep down the levels. So you need not worry on tackling the mouse over the menu.

Folder Security

You can disallow certain users to view/open/create/delete/change folders. Security rights are exactly the same, as offered in Windows Server 2003.

Gaming Power with DirectX10

DirectX10 can be installed for Gaming Purpose to enhance the gaming functionality

CD/DVD Writer/Cloning

There is not a single reason to rely on software like Nero, Roxio with DVD burning facility provided in Vista. Vista supports DVD/CD cloning with several Daemon Tools. So you can set your own Virtual Drive and mount images on it.

Parental Control

This word does not mean Parental Control for kids. It defines rules for certain users - restricting them to access Internet, control their gaming power, disallowing them certain applications, logging their activities and auditing.

Classic SideBar

The SideBar allows you to add gadgets like: Stock Ticker, Calendar, Stick Notes, RSS Feeds, CPU Meter, etc. You can download more such gadgets, free of cost, from Microsoft site.

Windows Mail/Live

Windows Mail is an upgraded version of Outlook Express; while Live Messenger is the old MSN Messenger with lot many functionalities & a good look.

Media Center & Gallery

The Media Center is a good tool to organize media on your computer, rate it, play/view it, have an Internet TV, play DVD (you do not need PowerDVD now ;) ) , record TV and what not.

So if you thinking why Vista, this is my answer to this question. If there's something left out - let me know :)