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I was completely moved looking at the state of our nation and how we Indians respond to it. We sit silently towards our television set, looking at the merciless killings happening across the nation. We have lost our feelings and our hearts have been void of emotions. We remain just as objects that notice things happening and do not actively do something to prevent them. And then, with pride we quote “We are Indians”

What a shame! Thousands of children being killed, ladies being raped across the nation, thefts, corruption and what not? Is this the India that our youth desires to have? Is this what our freedom fighters fought for? Questions with simple answers but! We fear to answer them, because we people do not understand that with freedom of rights, we have some duties to adhere to.

I make a humble request to the entire nation to understand that nation is not built by people who sit at the Centre (Delhi); nor is it made by individuals like Chief Ministers of States. It is made by a collaborative effort of individuals like us. We take not a second moment to enjoy the freedom of speech (just like I am doing), but we do not care to report, to police or a NGO, any incidence that violates the human laws. Why? What for are these government bodies? Self-criticism is the best way to improve oneself. There is lot to be done and there is lot to be seen – only if the youth is ignited!

by Puneet Ghanshani
18th May, 2008

Har jagah hai maatam fehla,
Har kisi ka naam kharaab hai,

Kahin baccho ka katl,
To kahin bikk raha awaam hai,

Hai har aankhme aansu,
Fir bhi khudha khaamosh hai,

Darti hai dhaarti khasne se khulke,
Insaan ka na-jaane kahan dhyaan hai,

Arre taane dete ho, isse-usse,
Kya khudne kie mahaan kaam hai?

Tehelka maccha hua hai, har jagah,
Dil ki dukaan fir bhi a'baad hai...

With rights, we have some duties to perform too...
Jai Hind!

Published in: Pune Mirror, The Times of India, 19th May, 2008 [ Page 8 ]