An atom of peace!

1 minute read

What a beautiful night is it!

It appears as if God has drawn a blanket of twinkling stars and has asked the moon to keep them entertained. A feeling of coolness that spends across the heart... To take few of them into my arms... Sway and sing the hymns... 

If that is the beautiful night, how beautiful would the universe be!

And think, how small are we!

As small as an atom, with powers unbounded... Full of energy, to change the world, and to think differently... With each individual being unique... Every one having his own thoughts... New ideas... All different and worth creataing a world in themselves... Dreams to make characters... Engulf life into them... Enacting with emotions... Feel tired, happy, sad... Wonderful, isn't it?

Think again!

How tough do you find handling your tasks and people every day? Prioritizing your tasks, ensuring that your folks are not sad and yet, everything does not have a happy ending (unlike, Bollywood movies.)  Tasks that are smaller than the atoms (read: people)!

What a manager would God be, to manage billions and billions of such atoms on Earth, on Mars and many such planets across many ecosystems! Think of his powers, the magnitude of the atomic world and a cycle that these atoms go through... Amazing to imagine, tough to see through eyes and yet, the most beautiful piece of art in this universe...

How vast is this sky ... How vast is the universe... How small are we... And yet, how egoistic are we!

An atom sized man searches for peace...