the ‘geek’ feeling

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People portray human beings as easily, by their short or long term communication or by the previously held merits, as they see themselves in the clean mirror every morning. Some leave a marginal difference in their perception and the actual portraiture. While others misinterpret, frustrate their brains to dive more and pull out something alluring or dissuading about people.  To whatever catergory you may belong to, what is important is the feeling that the object, who undergoes this exercise, has.  He may agree to, or may find valid reasons to deviate from your school of thoughts.

Thou shall realize not, what my heart and brain feel, when people call me a 'geek.'

A word often used for people who are highly obsessed with one or many things including those of intellectuality, electronics, computers, gaming, etc.  Thanks to several dictionaries, to help me understand the reasons why folks have termed me a geek. As an object of exercise (of other people), there are often two feelings that hang between the justice of the Heaven and the Hell.  The Heaven describes this word as a compliment or a badge of honor for an extraordinary skill; while the Hell interchangeably uses this word with 'nerd' - a term that tends to be an insult for an act, not so heinous, not so interesting to others and not so social in global terms. So with such feelings, one often gets puzzled with questions such as 'geek- why me?', 'how?' and more prominently 'why not others?'

The fight between the heaven and the hell

The Heaven is marketing itself in a better way and leaves me more impressed than does the Hell, that sounds depressing and gloomy. So I would bet myself for the Heaven! To be honored as a geek is a feeling in itself, for you know that people realize you are better than a nerd, have something unique to offer, some more targets to look upto, and are technically sound. Where on one front, you receive accolades for accomplishing challenging task beforehand, or for saving dollars for your organization, there on the other front, you need to ensure that you keep yourself abreast with the technologies, gadgets and ski-fi inventions lying on the top of the stack (an ever-growing one). It isn't as simple as knowing rates of vegetables and wherefrom you can get them cheaper and better.  It is more of answering all questions like 'Why, When and How' - that the non-geeks care not!  So to receive a compliment for your obsession gives you an opportunity to flap your collars up and yet be humble enough (and down-to-earth) to express gratitude to him or her. 

Not long before have people started calling me a geek - for reasons many: a book to my name, some whitepapers in magazines, stupid poetries that figure on my site, three creases (or wrinkles) that form on my forehead while I am into intense thought process, for my interest in technology, for ....  For anything and everything that, as per them, does not fit in the brackets of normal human interests! They feel if there is anything that I breathe - its technology. Yes, that's partially correct but I do not forget breathing clean air, nor do I put my social status at stake! The feeling of getting called-by a geek, specially from another geek, nurtures a respect of the highest order. Who else can understand, aptly, a geek than a geek himself? So, thanks to all, who make me feel special and add a responsibility to maintain this compliment for ever.

Hell, as Heaven's strong contender, often compels people to consider geeks as 'nerds'.  People who are passionate about work, technology hardly understand why people could refer them as 'nerds.' And such nerds are often neglected, criticized, and cursed by the society of dumbs. They drive conclusions without understanding the fact: every human is different.  Why do people listen to the discordant voice of Hell, ignoring the sweeter music of Heaven? Why do people build preconceived notions of geeks being anti-socialistic, and serious creatures on earth? Wrong notions, that will do harm to people nurturing them.

Beware Hell - whatever game you may play, the Heaven has to win!

a vanilla life

There is hardly any difference in the life of a geek until people start calling him so. He himself never appends the work geek behind his last name, and lives a vanilla-plain life. The new name converts his vanila to the vanila of sizzling brownie - plain, yet cake-baked; white, yet scented by hot chocolate sauce. A rise in (self)expectations makes him burn late-night oils; conquer milestone after a milestone to ensure he maintains his tag.

Now this is a catch! Setting of very high goals at this point in time leads to an un-noticed transition to 'nerd.'  The only thing that he can now be happy about is celebrations of Nerd Pride Day on May 25th (in Spain.) Those who prevent themselves from being the prey to 'nerdness', enjoy their life. To spend good time, they seek good friends with whom they can spend a quality time - humorous, sportive or romantic.  Their choosy nature lets not many to be their comrades. This is one reason why people consider them to be serious people.  With whomsoever they are, they open all the windows of their heart.  You can easily confide in them because they understand the importance of close people - a cherry on the top of the vanilla cream. 

the geek feeling... different... an accomplishment... vanilla turned sizzling brownie...

a time for those, who live a life of hidden truths (about geeks), to change their thoughts!

kudo's to all geeks for whatever they are!