Exception Message Box in C#

1 minute read


Its time to forget the old traditional message box with limited functionalities. buttons, icons, text area and what not! Microsoft has unleashed a new message box - new, yet not so new.

For those who have used SQL Sever 2005 GUI, might have probably noticed a message box that shows additional information, copying the text to clipboard, a checkbox on message box, different set of buttons and many more features.  This message box is now open for reuse in your applications. 

This is not a 'big-bang' release made by Microsoft.  It has come out very quietly. Yes the name 'ExceptionMessageBox' is confusing - but you can still use it in your applications. This standalone exception dialog box can be used in applications just like any other managed APIs.

Probably, you never know the next version of myTracker may use this message box too :)

Let's hear it from Microsoft:

The exception message box is a programmatic interface that you can use in your applications for any tasks for which MessageBox may be used. The exception message box is a supported managed assembly designed to elegantly handle managed code exceptions. It provides significantly more control over the messaging experience and gives your users the options to save error message content for later reference and to get help on messages.

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