Silverlight Toolkit

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While the community comes up with the new version of Silverlight Toolkit for Silverlight 3. Let us see how it is installed.

When installing, ensure that following options are selected:-

  • Silverlight 3 Toolkit July 2009 and
  • Source Code

Click on Next and Finish to complete the installation.

Locating the source code

The folder that has the source code and the binaries is:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsSilverlightv3.0ToolkitJul09Source

This folder has 2 files Sample source and Extract the source code into a folder (say C:Source Code)

This folder (C:Source Code) has 3 folders within it:

  • Binaries
  • Controls
  • Controls.DataVisualizations.Toolkit

The Binaries folder is the folder you wanted to reach to :)