Silverlight Interview Questions - I

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Hello folks,

Marching forward, I will post a series of Interview Questions on Silverlight.  This will cover questions at each level - easy, intermediate and advanced.  And I am sure, other sites & users would post these on many other sites too :)

So keep watching this space. Some questions below to start with

Level: Developer

  • What is the role of Silverlight Plugin in the Silverlight Application Life-Cycle?
  • What does the keyword 'type' signify in the Silverlight Hosting page.[sourcecode language='xml']

  • You have developed an application on Silverlight 2, will it execute on Silverlight 4 platform? Is vice-versa true?
  • Your organization has blocked download of any software from Internet and you want to deploy your Silverlight Application as Intranet Application.  The users do not have Silverlight plugin installed on their machine; however you have the installable.  How do you plan to deploy your application? Will you change the application code to fit this requirement or change the organization policy?
  • Your Silverlight application faces some technical errors while it is executed. Where will you write your code to get notification of these errors?
  • Can any Silverlight Application be viewed on Linux? Or a specific installation is required?
  • Assume your host page defines the background as White[sourcecode language='xml'][/sourcecode]

    while your MainPage.xaml (that loads initially) defines background as 'Gray'

    [sourcecode language='xml']


    What will be the color of the background?

  • I have two actors to a Silverlight Application - Employee and Customer. The default page (default.html) should always open Customer view; whereas viewemployee.html should open Employee view.How would you implement this?
  • What is significance of initParams in
    [sourcecode language='xml'][/sourcecode]