Coming Soon: AWAD - Version 2.0

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Latest Update: AWAD has been decommissioned due to technical reasons as of now and Version 2.0 will not be rolled out.


Hello AWAD users,

Thanks for the overwhelming response received for AWAD and the feedback provided through various channels.  A new version of A Word A Day application will be launched soon and it would have various new features as well as bug fixes.  What you can expect out of the new version of the application -

Features in AWAD 2.0

  • More responsive and faster application
  • A better and user-friendly user interface (UI)
  • Dictionary support to search words apart from AWAD list
  • A beautiful tile which was missed in previous release

Keep commenting on this post to request more features and be assured they will be prioritized and rolled out soon.

Important Note: The older version of AWAD has been discontinued (on 6 April, 2011) since there is a total transformation planned in the next version.  So users using older version of AWAD may face inconvenience and may not get data; hence, are advised to uninstall the application.  Users choosing to continue using the older version may use it at their own risk/responsibility.

So stay tunned and keep visiting this page for more news!