Understanding Windows Phone 7 Registry Structure

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Disclaimer first: This is NOT any hacking article.  It is just a FYI article to those enthusiasts who are wonder how the registry appears like!  At no point in this article, any thing confidential (if discovered) is written. If however you think this is not the right content to be displayed, please reply back on this post and it will be deleted from the site without further questioning!  Almost everything written below has been written about in some or the other forum except from classifying it in registry keys (or may be I have not read that link/post yet).

Windows Phone Registry has 3 main keys

    Just like Windows 7 or for that instance any Windows Operating system, this key stores the CLSID of applications, and drivers (primarily) installed on the phone.
    This key contains some important System, Control Panel and Software related information such as Call History, Messages (all types), Reminders,  Time, Volume, Notifications, Keyboard settings, Backlight, etc.
    This key/folder contains the settings such as your Phone Name (one you choose in Zune),  services (GPS, HTC Connection Setup, Message, TaskScheduler) settings, Clock, Battery, Connectivity, WiFi, Camera, GDI Settings, Fonts installed, Microsoft Compact Framework settings, Mail (ActiveSync, IMAP4, POP3, SMS) Settings, Silverlight 3  and ...Wait a minute, there are SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 settings too!  So is that the framework is installed but not allowed for usage (click on the link to view the MSDN forum)?

and ofcourse... lots of other information hidden within these keys... Well, don't want to continue much on this unless I get good response on this topic... Unfold whether SQL is present or not...

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