F1 (help) for moneyManager - coming soon

less than 1 minute read

Thanks to all the users of moneyManager for not just using this application, but also providing candid feedback at each stage.  Please be assured that almost everything that you write as comments (either in MarketPlace or on the product page) will be incorporated.  Some features may take some more time to be implemented, while for few updates you won't have to wait much.

But rest assured, development won't be stagnant!  Someone's listening!

One such request that will be taken on priority is F1 - the help or user guide for moneyManager.  To start with, an immediate help will be available online shortly so keep yourself tunned to this page for further updates.  And in sometime, moneyManager Windows Phone 7 Application will have the guide too.

Thanks Dan, and others who asked us to implement this.  You can tweet the features you would like to have @Ghanshani for faster response too!

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