moneyManager - Top Selling Finance App in UK MarketPlace

1 minute read

I have a good news for my application users.  I launched moneyManager on 17th April, 2011 so let's see how it has faired in past one month..

The report card!

  • Windows MarketPlace Global: 32 ratings (average: 3 /5)
    • US: 3/5
    • UK: 4 /5
    • Mexico: 3 / 5
    • Italy: 5 / 5
    • Germany: 4 / 5
    • France: 3 / 5
    • Canada:2 / 5
    • Australia: 4.5 / 5
  • Windows MarketPlace in UK:  Lists it as Top Selling Finance Applications (view here)
  • AppsFuze: Lists it at 9th Position in Finance Applications across globe (view here)

What I heard you say?

  • Good, intuitive app
  • Users in Mexico, France and Canada are looking at a version in their own language (and it is still an open-item, and any one ready to help with translation can comment on this post!)
  • Some struggled with deletion of expenses (and on-screen help was provided in v2.4)
  • Ability to customize reports (and it was implemented in v2.3)
  • Some needed transfer between two accounts (this is WIP)
  • Multiple currency support (and v2.3 had 140+ currencies)
  • To be free is really useful (many appreciated this! :) )

Who all uses moneyManager?

So, there's a reason to celebrate and expand the functionalities with your support!    So keep tuned to this website for more news and updates.


PS: Another FREE application Conf In! is also doing equally well in the 'Productivity' category  You can also download it!