Free Webinar - Memory Management with Garbage Collector

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Better performing application needs better design.
Better design requires more insight.

This webinar aims at giving an insight to the internals of memory management in .NET framework so that you can design better applications.  With .NET CLR managing the object memory allocation & de-allocation,  developers tend to ignore optimisation as a part of development activity.   The first webinar on this series focuses on how .NET CLR and framework allocate memory for managed objects and create a tree graph, how the garbage collector (GC) is invoked and it initiates the object collection cycles.

Who is the presenter?
Puneet Ghanshani

When is it scheduled?
5th August 2011
4:00 PM (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London for 60 minutes
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Should I attend?
Yes, this is open to all developers

Do I need to pay?
No, there is no fee for this webinar

How do I register?
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