dI.Hook - How to remove hooks from HookRepository?

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If you are new to dI.Hook, please visit the di.Hook Product Page for Overview, Release Version and Source Code.

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So this is the seventh article in the series which will deal with removing one or more hook objects from the repository.

Step 1 – Creating a repository and add hooks into a repository

The first decision in creating a hook repository is to think whether you want to have lazy loading or not. Once you have decided you can go through the steps – Creating a Hook Repository using dI.Hook

Be selective in adding hooks into a repository if you plan to invoke all of them at one go. If you are thinking of manually adding hooks to a repository, would suggest going through – Adding hooks manually into a repository. However, if you are planning to load them through configuration you can read – Loading a configuration set of hooks into repository

Step 2- How to remove an instance of a hook from a repository?

When we are referring to adding an instance of a hook in a repository, there are multiple ways of doing it

Method 1 – Removing hook instance( s ) at a time

Removing a single hook
public void Test_Standard_RemoveHookObject()
    hookRepository.Remove(new LogHook());
    Assert.AreEqual(1, hookRepository.Hooks.Length);

Method 2 – Removing a List of hooks

Removing list of hooks
public void Test_Standard_RemoveHookList()
    hookRepository.Remove(new List<IHook> { new LogHook(), new DiagnosticsHook() });
    Assert.AreEqual(0, hookRepository.Hooks.Length);

Method 3 – Removing hooks of a particular type

Removing hook of a type
public void Test_Standard_RemoveHookType()
    Assert.AreEqual(0, hookRepository.Hooks.Length);

Method 4 – Removing all hooks

Removing all hooks
public void Test_Lazy_RemoveAll()
    Assert.AreEqual(0, hookRepository.Hooks.Length);


So there are 4 ways to remove a hook from the repository so that any method using OnInvoke method on the repository will find the removed hook in the repository