Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award - 2015

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2014 was an amazing year for me. At work – achieved some amazing milestones with a high team morale; at home – saw my son grow from a crawling baby to a swift wizard; and as a hobbyist – delivered over 9 sessions in global forums, judged Imagine Cup, blogged on various aspects of development, started .NET user group in Singapore and contributed to open-source fraternity.

What more, the year 2015 has started on a high note as well!

I couldn't really ask for more.

Just received an email from Microsoft that for the 2nd year, I have been awarded as MVP. Thanks to Microsoft, my MVP leads, friends and other colleagues.

This also means that in 2015, you would see more coming from me on .NET front – be it session engagements, blogs, forum moderator…

My MVP profile can be visited at -

Thanks to all those who helped me gain more knowledge and gave me opportunities to share with you!