1Gig-Tech (#5) - Windows10, UWP, Edge, RyuJIT

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Welcome to 1Gig Tech update!

Today's edition covers mostly on Windows 10 considering the launch of Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 in the past weeks. There are 16 articles on technology, news, open source, community on the fantastic and ever evolving technology world.

  • Microsoft Edge review: Windows finally has a good browser (Dan Seifert)
    For two decades, the default web browsing experience in Windows has been Internet Explorer. Over the years, Microsoft’s home-built browser became bloated, insecure, confusing to use, and just plain hated by many users. A lot of people turned to alternatives, such as Google Chrome, as a result.
  • BFG Repo-Cleaner
    The BFG is a simpler, faster alternative to git-filter-branch for cleansing bad data out of your Git repository history: Removing Crazy Big Files Removing Passwords, Credentials & other Private data The git-filter-branch command is enormously powerful and can do things that the BFG can't - but the
  • Targeting Windows 10 with your Apache Cordova app (Heath Stewart)
    This April, in concert with Windows 10 Technical Preview 2, we debuted support for the Windows 10 platform for Apache Cordova. Now, with the availability of Windows 10, full Windows 10 support is part of the Windows Apache Cordova platform and native to Visual Studio 2015.
  • The nine most important updates in Windows 10 (Dan Seifert)
    Windows 10 is officially out today. It’s the biggest update to Windows in years and represents a number of new directions for Microsoft’s premier software product. Windows 10 replaces Windows 8 and 8.1, and serves to attract those Windows 7 users that never bothered to update to Windows 8.
  • .NET Rocks!
    So what's happened with Glimpse? Carl and Richard talk to Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar about the latest developments with their web instrumentation library Glimpse.
  • .NET Networking APIs for UWP Apps (Heath Stewart)
    This post was written by Sidharth Nabar, Program Manager on the Windows networking team. At Build 2015, we announced that .NET Core 5 is the new version of .NET for developers writing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. The set of networking APIs available for developers in .
  • ECMAScript 2015 Goodies – Part 2 – const
    This is the second article in ECMAScript 2015 Goodies. In the first article, we have covered new keyword in the language – let, which allows us to define a true block level variable in the program. In this short article, we will cover another new keyword – const.
  • RyuJIT Bug Advisory in the .NET Framework 4.6 (Heath Stewart)
    A code generation (AKA "codegen") issue in RyuJIT in the .NET Framework 4.6 has been discovered that affects a calling pattern called Tail Call Optimization. The RyuJIT team has fixed the issue and has started the process of producing a .NET Framework 4.
  • Getting Started with Windows 10 (Scott Hanselman)
    I've been making Windows 10 videos at night to help out friends and family, and because it's fun. Windows 10 comes out July 29th, and it takes what was familiar about Windows 7 and what was great about Windows 8 and takes it forward.
  • Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 (Heath Stewart)
    Last week we announced the release of the Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0. VSTU is Microsoft’s free Visual Studio add-on that enables a rich programming and debugging experience for working with the Unity gaming tools and platform. For VSTU 2.

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