1Gig-Tech (#12) - Rosyln, ML, Microservices, Xaml, Visual Studio

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  • Friends don't let friends use AutoMapper
    AutoMapper looks like magic! So why is it evil? AutoMapper is a convention-based mapping tool that, in essence, copies values from one class to another. There's a whole bunch more cleverness but that's it in a nutshell.
  • Perspex/Perspex (kekekeks)
    Perspex is delivered as a NuGet package. You can find the packages here: (stable(ish), nightly) Perspex is a multi-platform windowing toolkit - somewhat like WPF - that is intended to be multi- platform.
  • Microservices
    Let's just nip the conflation of these terms in the bud, shall we? "Micro" is big these days. Both microservices and microsegmentation are having and will continue to have an impact on data center architecture, but not necessarily for the same reasons.
  • Xamarin Studio
    Xamarin Studio's type system is now based on Roslyn, Microsoft's open source .NET compiler platform. Even though this is an internal change, it has several practical benefits:
  • Release Notes: September 20, 2015
    xUnit.net 2.1 RC 2 Core framework BUG: Fixed an issue with AsyncTestSyncContext throwing exceptions with the Devices Runner. BUG: Changed the way test assemblies are loaded on the desktop, which should fix some usage of "no app domain" mode. Extensibility Added a new TraitHelper class to xunit.

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