Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 Website Template

1 minute read

Last year I had designed the website for Global Azure Bootcamp 2015, Singapore. The website contained information like Agenda, Speakers, Location, Contact, Sponsors, etc. With the help of Global Organizers around 10 countries were able to customize the template to host their own website for their local event.

This year again I've designed the template for Global Azure Bootcamp 2016, Singapore. However, unlike last year, the template needs absolutely NO development effort and NO knowledge of HTML5/CSS3/jQuery, etc.

You just need to provide your event information in a JSON file on GitHub repo and host your website as Azure WebApp (where else?). This process takes less than 10 minutes. You can host it on Linux / Windows as it is built using new ASP.NET Core 1.0

Here are some important links, to get you started

Demo Site:
Singapore Site:

One of my friends is also planning to use this information to create a Mobile Application so as far as you have the JSON file, your location will be automatically added to the Mobile App too. Stay Tuned for updates!