1Gig-Tech (#25) - Live Coding, Books, StackOverflow, Azure, NuGet

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Welcome to 1Gig Tech update!

In today's edition, there are 17 articles on technology, news, open source, community on the fantastic and ever evolving technology world.

  • vhf/free-programming-books (and others)
    Original Contribution by George Stocker on Stack Overflow Original Source: List of freely available programming books Index Ada Agda Alef Android APL Arduino ASP.
  • Azure for Developers, Free O'Reilly Media eBook (O'Reilly Media)
    What programmers need to know about Microsoft Cloud Platform. Microsoft's Azure platform has a vast array of features: cloud hosting, web hosting, data analytics, data storage, machine learning, and more—all integrated with Visual Studio, the tool that .NET developers already know.
  • Explore Pens on CodePen
    We're all for progressive enhancement, but CodePen is a bit unique in that it's all about writing and showing front end code, including JavaScript. It's required to use most of the features of CodePen. Need to know how to enable it? Go here.
  • Stack Overflow: The Architecture - 2016 Edition
    This is #1 in a very long series of posts on Stack Overflow’s architecture. Welcome. To get an idea of what all of this stuff “does,” let me start off with an update on the average day at Stack Overflow.
  • Configuring the PowerShell Console (Jeff Hicks)
    If you are going to spend your days inside the PowerShell console, then you should make sure the console is configured to make life easier for you. Before we get started, let me make two distinctions.
  • GitHub Activity Guilt and the Coder's FitBit (Scott Hanselman)
    I’m curious, how you feel about GitHub’s activity graph? I’ve found myself getting increased levels of guilt/stress over that graph. So much so I’m considering not using GitHub for personal projects (only use it for contributing pull requests, reporting issues, etc.).
  • How To Stop Worrying About ASP.NET Startup Conventions
    There are 2 kinds of developers. Those who love conventions and those who loathe conventions. The former group sees conventions as a means to remove boilerplate code and expose the essence of software by avoiding ceremony. The later group tends to view conventions as dangerous magic.
  • Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP (Visual Studio Blog)
    Today we released Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP. Our focus for this release has been stability and performance, along with responding to feedback you’ve given us on Visual Studio 2015 RTM and Update 1.
  • What I've learned about .NET Native
    Last night I started testing various ASP.NET Core projects — which have, up to now, been running on the Mono runtime — on CoreCLR/CoreFx instead.
  • Azure Storage Latency Test
    Azure Storage Latency Test Test network latency to Azure Storage in worldwide data centers, determine the best region for your application and users. A closer data center will provide less latency and fast throughput.
  • DevOps Road Show : Mountain View
    Microsoft Office - Mountain View 1065 La Avenida Building 1- EBS 2036 Mountain View, CA 94043See map and/or driving directions Well known to millions of developers, the novel The Phoenix Project brilliantly captures the intricacies and challenges of modern DevOps and IT management.
  • Porting to .NET Core (Immo Landwerth)
    .NET Core is getting closer and closer to an RTM release. Only two months ago, we announced the RC release of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. As part of our validation, we’re working with internal as well as external customers to port their code to .NET Core.
  • Project.json all the things
    One of the less known features of Visual Studio 2015 is that it is possible to use project.json with any project type, not just “modern PCL’s,” UWP projects, or xproj projects. Read on to learn why you want to switch and how you can update your existing solution.

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