1Gig-Tech (#26) - Azure IoT, Xamarin, PowerShell, RaspberryPi

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Welcome to 1Gig Tech update!

In today's edition, there are 10 articles on technology, news, open source, community on the fantastic and ever evolving technology world.

  • .NET Framework Compatibility Diagnostics (Immo Landwerth)
    This post was written by Taylor Southwick, a software engineer on the .NET team. Updates to the .NET Framework 4 are delivered as highly-compatible in-place updates, which helps keep users’ applications running on the latest and most secure versions of the .NET Framework.
  • Easy IoT for Raspberry Pi
    Quickly connect your Raspberry Pi with our mobile app and manage your IoT projects with our online dashboard. Start Cayenne projects from your mobile phone.
  • VS Product Survey
    The information you provide is entirely voluntary. By filling out and returning this application, you agree that we can use, disclose, reproduce, or otherwise distribute your feedback at the aggregated level. Your personal information will remain confidential.

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