1Gig-Tech (#27) - Roslyn, SQLServer, Linux, Xamarin, TFS

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Welcome to 1Gig Tech update!

In today's edition, there are 12 articles on technology, news, open source, community on the fantastic and ever evolving technology world.

  • A Quick Primer on Microservices (Omed Habib)
    Martin Fowler’s “Microservices – a Definition of This New Architectural Term” is one of the seminal publications on microservices. He describes some of the key characteristics of microservices as: Componentization: Microservices are independent units that are easily replaced or upgraded.
  • Performance Tuning Apache Storm at Keen IO (Peter Nachbaur)
    Hi, I'm Manu Mahajan and I'm a software engineer with Keen IO's Platform team. Over the past year I've focused on improving our query performance and scalability. I wanted to share some things we've learned from this experience in a series of posts.
  • How We Build Code at Netflix (Mike McGarr)
    How does Netflix build code before it’s deployed to the cloud? While pieces of this story have been told in the past, we decided it was time we shared more details.
  • Experimental .NET Core Debugging in VS Code (Andrew B Hall)
    Today we are releasing our first experimental preview of debugging for the new ASP.NET Core CLI toolset in Visual Studio Code. Before I continue it’s important to note a few things: With this first release you get breakpoints, stepping, variable inspection, and call stacks.
  • Microsoft/team-explorer-everywhere
    This project contains the Team Explorer Everywhere Plug-in for Eclipse, the cross-platform Command-line Client for Team Foundation Server, and the Team Foundation Server SDK for Java. Team Explorer Everywhere is the official TFS plug-in for Eclipse from Microsoft.
  • Announcing SQL Server on Linux (Scott Guthrie)
    It’s been an incredible year for the data business at Microsoft and an incredible year for data across the industry. This Thursday at our Data Driven event in New York, we will kick off a wave of launch activities for SQL Server 2016 with general availability later this year.
  • AllAboutXamarin.com
    The latest tips, tutorials, news, and resources for Xamarin app developers. Powered by Dan Rigby and the Xamarin developer community.

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