The Art and Science of Well-Architected Framework

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Global Azure 2021 is getting ready! We’re running a 3-day virtual conference with world-class speakers and community leaders as hosts in a live stream. Additionally, also part of Global Azure Virtual, communities around the world are organizing localized live streams for everyone around the world to join and learn about Azure from the best-in-class community leaders.

The Art and Science of Well-Architected Enterprise and Solution Architecture

Most organizations start their journey on Azure from doing proof of concepts, or migrating their workloads. And when organizations see the benefits of using Azure, they leverage more services. Very quickly this turns into a chaotic situation for architecture, engineering, operations, finance, security teams who want to ensure consistency across adoption of Azure.

In this session for Global Azure Bootcamp 2021, I will discuss the art and science of what it takes to architect both enterprise landscape and solution architecture to ensure the right adoption of Azure.

This will be a live session on YouTube and I’ll update the link closer to the session.

When: 17 April, 1:00 PM SGT

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