myTracker is a time-tracking application.  The inevitable, effort-driven process of tracking time and analyzing is eased by this small-memory-footprint application.  The application generates reports in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format and provides pie charts and bar graphs depicting time usage, utilization.



  • Least user inputs required to track his/her activities.
  • User needs to provide inputs only when he needs to change the task.
  • Time tracking information is categorized by Project, Category and Assigned-by. This helps analyze the nature of work
  • Reports (time-tracking information) can be exported to Microsoft Excel files (.xls)
  • Reports are indicative of:
    • Time spent on each project, and category(type of task)
    • Utilization of time on daily basis
    • Comparison of time spent of different activities.
  • Support for multiple-users on single desktop. Reports are highly-secure and user-specific
  • Configurable settings for displaying pop up and hours

Launch Screen

myTracker Main Screen





  • When you execute the application for the first time, it will register your application on our website. Registration process is an automated process and does not require your inputs. It does not send any vital information such as your username, passwords, etc.
  • When you start your day, first click on ‘Start Day' button. This shows you other options like:
    • Project: Project indicates first-level of category or Major-task that you are working on. It can indicate a client, an account, a product on which you are working on. Initially, there are no projects fed into the system.
    • Category: Category indicates the nature of the work. It can development, training, testing, meeting, conference, management, etc. The application comes with some predefined categories so that you can select them.
    • Assigned By: Fill up the task assigner in this box.
    • Description: This needs no description
  • Now, click on Start button. This will minimize the application to System Tray. This also means that you have started working on the task you have mentioned in the description.
  • The application will pop-up a reminder at the right-bottom of your screen. If you wish to change the task, click on it; else ignore it. The application is smart to understand that you prefer to continue working on same task, if you have ignored the reminder.
  • If you want to change the task in between the duration of 2 reminders, click on the myTracker icon in the System Tray


myTracker generates 4 different types of reports:

Task Details

This report has granular details of task worked upon and time taken behind each one of them.




Task Summary (Charts)


Day wise report

Day-Wise Report

Day wise Summary (Charts)

Day-Wise Summary


myTracker has few settings like:

  • Popup after every (...) mins: Duration after which application should pop-up its reminder for changing task. Recommended value: 20 mins
  • Popup display: Duration for which the reminder should be visible Recommended value: 5 secs
  • Working Hours: Working hours in the day.
  • Clean my records: This deletes all your records. So please think before you click this button. There is no way to recover data once you delete it.
  • - You need to save the settings by clicking on ‘Save' for them to reflect.
  • - The current system does not work on Server-Client mode.


Operating Systems Supported:

  • - Microsoft Windows XP + Service Pack 2
  • - Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
  • - Microsoft Windows Vista + Service Pack 1*

Prerequisites: (downloads all of them)

  • - Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • - SQL Server Compact 3.5
  • - Microsoft Excel 2003/2007 (for generating reports)

Disk Space Required:                      5 MB Memory:                                             256 MB RAM *For Vista: Please do not install it in [SystemDrive]:Program Files


Any existing software sold/distributed by the same name is solely by coincidence and no claims would be entertained on this. By using this application, we understand that you agree to these terms. Many thanks to for the pop-up design.