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There may be other applications with the same name in the market and any such coincidence is unintentional. Please feel free to write to the developer in case you find any such coincidence.

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The application may contain bugs, which on reporting, shall be fixed at appropriate time.  However, the usage of the  application till then would be accepted in “as-is” format.

Limitation of Liability

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Privacy Policy

Personal data such as name, passwords, expenses, money are NOT collected in any format whatsoever and any loss of data due to loss of identity, theft, or misuse of application by anyone is pure responsibility of the person using the application and the developer does not take responsibility of the same.  The application does not necessarily guarantee the accuracy of data.

Important Note

It is assumed that if you are using the applications, you agree to the terms and conditions in “as-is” format.  The applications distributed as “FREE”ware have no strings attached to the end-user as well as the developer.  Developer may choose to discontinue the application without any prior notice.

Kindly uninstall and delete all instances of the application in case you do not agree to the above said.