Conf In!


Conf In! allows you to add your conference numbers & codes and be able to call them with just one button press. Join in conferences even when you are driving your car or having food with just ONE tap!

Free of your mind from remembering long numbers, PINs and authorization codes right now because there are better & safer ways to do it with your smart phone! Mark your numbers as favourite, search through your numbers - everything is just easy!

Save your time and ease your life for your loved ones with this FREE application!


The application is available FREE of cost.


Versions & Updates


  • Add your conference numbers or select from existing numbers in Phone Book
  • Single-key dialing to any conference number across GLOBE
  • Search through Conference Numbers (case-sensitive)
  • Mark your most used numbers as favourite for even easier access

Released: 30-April-2011


  • Call Settings - configure the pause between dials
  • Provide direct feedback to the publisher
  • Rate & Review the application
  • View other applications

Released: 05-May-2011


The data is stored on the mobile device and no personal data is sent to the publisher via this application.

If there are any products available by same name in the market, it may be purely coincidental.  The words ‘Conf’ and ‘In’ are purely based on the context as in general English ‘Conference me In!’ The application does not use any external products that incurr any cost to both the developer and the application users. For more details, visit Terms and Conditions page.